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Low carbon





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In the centre of eastern Paris' leading economic hub

Messager is located at 65 rue du Charolais and rue Charles Bossut in the 12th arrondissement of the capital, in the middle of the Gare de Lyon - Bercy business district.
Due to its proximity to the banks of the Seine and avenue Daumesnil, the district’s main thoroughfare, the programme boasts lively surroundings with numerous shops and offers a particularly pleasant working environment.

Messager has excellent accessibility via Gare de Lyon, which connects it directly to the central points of the capital as well as to the main cities in south-eastern France, whose appeal has grown in recent years.

The 12th arrondissement of Paris is both peaceful and lively, with an abundance of pleasant and unmissable places to visit.
Its wide range of services includes hotels, shops, restaurants, schools, nurseries, and sports facilities. Its large green spaces and numerous modes of transport make it a particularly popular place for Parisians and large office users.

Paving the way

Collective intelligence at the service of the city

It is here that our future is being invented. The East of Paris, on both sides of the Seine, is driven by a formidable urban creativity. Along the railway lines, new urban vistas are taking shape, new vast landscapes shaped by the designs of architects from around the world. Messager, whose name expresses this wish and responsibility to embody the low-carbon city, is located at the heart of the new Messageries district, one of the most ambitious urban redevelopment projects in Paris. It aims to be the embodiment of a more respectful city. Not only with regard to its neighbourhood, but also with regard to biodiversity, by actively contributing to increasing the presence of nature in all its forms. The use of natural materials such as wood, stone and vegetation create a vibrant and serene universe where the simplicity of the design and the openness to natural light soothe and inspire. Messager, designed by Franklin Azzi Architecture and Hame Architecture, is a place dedicated to collective intelligence.

The messageries
Fadia KARAM - General Manager Espaces Ferroviaires

Fadia KARAM, General Manager Espaces Ferroviaires


A direct link to the parisian office areas

Paris & Greater Paris Region accessibility

Messager is located less than 650 m from Gare de Lyon, providing a direct link to the main Parisian office areas via 4 metro and RER lines.

The Transilien train at Gare de Lyon also provides an efficient service to the towns to the south-east of Paris (Melun, Fontainebleau, Nemours, etc.)

Messager is a 1-minute walk from the Charles Bossut bus stop, where buses 29 (Gare Saint-Lazare / Porte de Montempoivre) and 215 (Vincennes RER / Gare d'Austerlitz) run.


The building is owned Freehold, was designed by Franklin Azzi architecture and Hame architecture, and has a floor area of 11 065 sq m as follows:

9869 SQ M

gross lettable areaof offices from the ground floor to the 7th floor

474 SQ M

gross lettable areaof retail space on the ground floor

722 SQ M

gross lettable areaof urban logistics space on level -1
It has many outdoor recreational areas:
  • A patio accessible to all on the ground floor
  • Accessible terraces on the 3rd and 7th floors
  • Ornamental planted terraces on the 4th and 8th floors
  • Courtyards accessible to the offices from the 4th to the 7th floor

It will also have two dining areas:
  • A cafeteria on the 3rd floor for the office users,
  • A restaurant open to the public on the ground floor,
as well as a bicycle room and collaborative spaces accessible from rue du Charolais on the ground floor.

A bank of 4 lifts connects the ground floor to the 3rd floor, a single lift connects the 4th floor to the 7th floor and a sixth lift connects the ground floor to the mezzanine and the basements.


Low carbon approach - Low carbon approach - Low carbon approach - Low carbon approach - 

Messager - Terrasse

Messager, a committed low-carbon approach

Messager will be the first building to be built in the centre of the future Messageries district, which will cover 6 hectares near Gare de Lyon and pave the way for a more respectful way of building the city.

The Messager building is an iconic example of the urban transformation of derelict railway sites, which is making a major contribution to the effort to reduce carbon emissions in the capital by offering a building that is as efficient as it is pleasant to live in, both for its future users and for its neighbours.

An exemplary environmental profile

Messager - Patio

Design - Design - Design - Design - Design - Design - Design - Design - 

Franklin Azzi

« Messager is the expression of a new urban and citizen awareness »

The goal with Messager is to design a building template that will offer considerable flexibility of use and societal evolution in the years to come, without being obliged to erase the past.
The new generation that we represent has an urban and civic conscience that tries to conserve and construct buildings in a sustainable way.
Messager is an office building that has a real role as an energy catalyst.
Inclusive, highly functional, fluid and bright, Messager organises the spaces in such a way that all possible layouts can be accommodated. Teams can thus collaborate in the best possible conditions and enjoy the feeling of working in a unique place.

Fully reversible into housing, it meets the challenges of the changing city and the future town planning regulations of the City of Paris. A destination and living space that opens onto the new district and sets the tone for future stock.

Franklin Azzi uses a cross-disciplinary approach in his Parisian agency, created in 2006, which is fuelled by the interweaving of views and disciplines. By constantly bringing architecture, interior architecture, design and contemporary art into contact with each other, he is developing an art of designing and building that is appropriate for all scales and types of space.
Franklin Azzi

Franklin Azzi


Creating places to live

Hame agency

Hame agency

Represented by Nicolas Beyret, Jean-Rémy Dostes and Paul Jaquet, the agency is based on the pooling of skills in architecture, urban planning and heritage in order to respond in a comprehensive manner and at all levels to the demands of today's city.

The Paris-based architecture firm is involved in all types of real estate projects (refurbishment, conversions and new construction), integrating them perfectly into their immediate surroundings and focusing on the sustainable city of tomorrow.

The offices - The offices - The offices - The offices - The offices - The offices - 


General description

The offices are divisible into 2 units from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor and operate as a single unit on the other floors. The floors are ideally designed to accommodate a mix of uses:
  • Meeting rooms on up to 20% of the lettable area
  • Collaborative spaces on up to 20% of the lettable area
  • Partitioned offices on up to 60% of the lettable area

These spaces have a clear height of 2.70 m in the offices and 2.50 m in the corridors.

They have a depth of 16 metres.

Table of areas

Messager - Table of areas

Floor plans

Coupe rue transversale bâtiment bas carbone Messager Paris 12 Coupe transversale sur rue et jardin
Messager - R-1 plan R-1
Messager - Alley level plan Alley level
Messager - Ground floor plan Ground floor
Messager - Mezzanine plan Mezzanine
Messager - 1st floor plan 1st floor
Messager - 2nd floor plan 2nd floor
Messager - 3rd floor plan 3rd floor
Messager - 4th floor plan 4th floor
Messager - 5th floor plan 5th floor
Messager - 6th floor plan 6th floor
Messager - 7th floor plan 7th floor

Space planning

Messager - Ground floor space planning Ground floor
Messager - 2nd floor flex 60/40 open plan/partitioned space planning 2nd floor flex 60/40 open plan/partitioned
Messager - 2nd floor partitioned space planning 2nd floor partitioned
Messager - 2nd floor appartements space planning 2nd floor appartements
Messager - 3rd floor flex space planning 3rd floor flex

Services - Services - Services - Services - Services - Services - Services - 

Les services

Patio and terraces

It has many outdoor recreational areas:
  • A patio accessible to all on the ground floor
  • Accessible terraces on the 3rd and 7th floors
  • Ornamental planted terraces on the 4th and 8th floors
  • Courtyards accessible to the offices from the 4th to the 7th floor
Messager - Patio
Messager - Terrace

The café and the restaurant

It also has two dining facilities: a cafeteria on the 3rd floor and a restaurant open to the public on the ground floor.
Messager - Café

Matthieu Garreaud

Charles-Antoine Daudruy

Antoine Grignon

Marie Gilmas

Graeme Jackson

Dimitri Philippon

Aymeric Sevestre